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Isis Veil

Back in 2013, a musical collaboration came to be between Fer Hister, a young Mexican singer, and me. The idea was to create heavy metal music with progressive complexity, whereas in short song format and radio-friendly hooks and melody. Such collaboration has undergone various transformations that finally became “Isis Veil” and the definitive release of their 7-year old debut album, "Stories of the Soul", an EP called "The Convergence" and their opus, the ambitious concept album "Man and Dream".

The Convergence 3000x3000..jpg
Stories Of The Soul 3000x3000.jpg

Written in 2014 as a follow up inspired by the rework done to a track that didn't make it to the original "Stories of the Soul" release, "The Convergence". 

Composed & produced by Eduardo Mariné
Lyrics by Fer Hister and Eduardo Mariné

Written throughout 2013/2014 and released originally under the name of "Poems", this is the album that marked the beginning of this musical adventure.

Composed & produced by Eduardo Mariné
Lyrics written by Fer Hister

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